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    Review of THE HUMMINGBIRD WIZARD by Meredith Blevins (see her website)

    Forge, September 2003

    Annie Szabo is pissed when she goes to San Francisco to visit an old friend (and sometimes lover) only to have him fail to show up. When the police arrive and let her know they've found her body, she is more than pissed--because someone snuck in during the night and made love with her. If it wasn't Jerry, who was it?

    Annie and Jerry are connected by marriage to the U.S. gypsy society and the murder appears related somehow. As Annie investigates, she discovers hidden wealth, plots by Jerry's partner, and secret gypsy magic that must might work. Certainly some of her ex-mother-in-law's fortunes come true.

    Author Meredith Blevins introduces a number of fascinating characters--Annie herself, Jozef (the Hummingbird Wizard), sister-in-law Capri, and especially overweight actress-friend Cynthia and mother-in-law Mina. Annie's relationships with the women, in particular, rings true. Love and hate mingle tightly in Blevins's sympathetic portrayal.

    Blevins makes the gypsy culture appear fascinating, giving the reader enough details to engross without overwhelming us with her research. The beach-side funeral service, complete with exploding Mercedes, and the picnic at Annie's home are memorable pictures.

    THE HUMMINGBIRD WIZARD is a first novel and an exciting find. I recommend it highly.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 12/01/03

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