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    Review of HEAT SHOCK by Robert Greer

    Warner Books, October 2003

    Half black, half Vietnamese emergency room doctor Carmen Nguyen thinks she's only offering a minor favor when she agrees to look out for a dying patient's gamecocks. But when someone takes shots at her when she visits the chickens, she knows there's something else going on. Something having to do with the chicken's incredible winning habits. Contrary to traditional science, these chicken appear to have been evolved into a superchicken race. And evil millionaire businessman Jack Kimbrough has decided to get his hands on the chickens any way he can and use them to breed a race of super-warriors.

    With the help of white-water expert and ex-Marine Walter Rios, Nguyen decides to investigate. But the criminals have their own plans and it doesn't take them long to find out about Rios and Nguyen. Once they do, Kimbrough sends his pet assassin to make sure they don't cause any more trouble.

    Nguyen and Rios try to stay ahead of the assassin and, using all of the contacts Rios had while in military intelligence, discover the truth behind Kimbrough's plot.

    Author Robert Greer offers an exciting adventure story. Nguyen and Rios are both damaged characters trying to hold their lives together in the face of current danger and serious self-doubt caused by their histories. Greer's writing is sometimes clunky and his point-of-view shifts are disorienting. I found his use of coincidence to be overly heavy as well. But Greer's strong story-telling compensates for the technical problems. HEAT SHOCK will suck you in and keep you reading.

    Two Stars

    Reviewed 12/30/03

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