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    Review of FEAR ITSELF by Walter Mosley (see his website)


    Little, Brown and Company, July 2003

    Fearless Jones is Paris Minton's best friend but that doesn't mean that Paris looks forward to Fearless at the door. Fearless always brings trouble and this time is no exception. Fearless is looking for the father of a little boy--but the search soon turns up murder. Even more dangerous for an African-American in 1950s Watts, the murdered people are white.

    As Paris and Fearless investigate, it seems that everyone wants to give Paris money. He's not opposed to money, but he's wise enough to know that money comes with strings attached--enough string to hang him.

    Author Walter Mosley (see more reviews of mysteries by Mosley) provides a telling look into the racism and fear that constituted Los Angeles in the 1950s and that still prevades much of society. Paris, the narrator, makes a convincing character. He is fearful, small, and greedy. Fearless, in contrast, is, uh, fearless. Paris likes to think of himself as much smarter than Fearless, but his smarts lands him in trouble while Fearless's inate honesty keeps him (mostly) safe. Of course it doesn't hurt either of them that Fearless is fast with his hands and can't remember losing a fight.

    FEAR ITSELF has something of a film-noire quality. There are enough characters and suspects that it's easy to get confused but the strong narrative and stronger characters kept me entranced. FEAR is a sequel to FEARLESS JONES (see our review) but stands completely separate and can be read independently. This is a highly professional and enjoyable work. Mosley's writing is compelling and smooth. His historical setting is fascinating, and his characters are complex.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 7/14/03

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