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    Review of FASHION VICTIM by Chloe Green


    Kensington Books, December 2002

    For stylist Dallas O'Connor, it's a perfect job--spending lots of money, dressing beautiful women, and a week on a Caribbean island with a way-handsome chef. Except, when she arrives, Mama Garcia accuses her of wearing the face of death. When Dallas finds a body on the beach, no one seems to care--or even to believe her when they finally follow her to the spot and find--nothing. There's something going on other than a music video shoot, but Dallas doesn't have a clue what it is--and she knows she'd better find out quickly if she wants to stay alive herself.

    Author Chloe Green (see more reviews of mysteries by Green) delivers a spicy blend of mystery, fashion, and island cooking. Green's light touch works perfectly in this enjoyable romp. Dallas is an entertaining character, with a family and personal history that makes her yearn for what she cannot have. Love interest Oscar is also richly detailed with appropriate angst--and not a little danger.

    Fans of this series (each novel can be read independently) will definitely want to read this one. Chloe Green has matured as a writer and, in FASHION VICTIM, has hit her stride.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 1/11/03

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