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    Review of A DRAUGHT FOR A DEAD MAN by Caroline Roe


    Berkley Prime Crime, November 2002

    Isaac, a blind Jewish physician, and his daughter Raquel accompany their friend and his daughter to her marriage in Perpignan (Spain), only to find adventure and danger. Arnau Marca, a Spanish nobleman has been accused of smuggling contraband weapons out of the country--a capital offense in time of war. His wife bribes Arnau's way out of prison, but he is wounded in the attempt. Now, Isaac and Raquel find themselves responsible for nursing him back to health--and incidentally uncovering the truth of the men who seek to destroy him. Raquel must also dedal with her friend, Bonafilla's marriage, threatened by a brief triste with a well-spoken man they meet on the road.

    Author Caroline Roe has created a charming tale of medieval Spain a century before the expulsion of the Jews. Combining court intrigue with everyday life in the Jewish ghettos (calls) of Spain, Roe weaves a story that combines adventure with interesting characters and old-fashioned detection. The device of a blind doctor as protagonist gives Roe a fine excuse for detailed and interesting descriptions that would otherwise be seen as author intrusion but her writing moves the story along quickly enough that the reader hardly notices.

    A DRAUGHT FOR A DEAD MAN is an interesting and thoughtful mystery with enough emotional impact to make it ring true and a fine set of characters.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 2/09/03

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