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    Review of DIE ONCE by Marianne Macdonald (see her website)

    Thomas Dunne, St. Martin's Minotaur, May 2003

    Single mother and antique book dealer Dido Hoare is supprised when one of her best customers bounces a check. Then she finds that he apparently committed suicide. Financial ruin would explain the bounced check and the suicide, but it wouldn't explain the continued interest the police have in her customer, the law firm that's handling his non-existant estate, or the odd story that turns up in the newspaper writing up the dead man's life. Dido is in to the tune of the two hundred pounds the first edition Dickens is worth and she decides to see if she can get her money back somehow. What she finds is a surprise--none of the expensive books she sold the dead man are anywhere in sight.

    Author Marianne Macdonald (see more reviews of novels by Macdonald) writes an interesting story. Dido and her father, Barnabas, in particular are well developed characters with full lives and curiosity that drives them on even when they know that they are simply getting into trouble. Macdonald's strong writing sustains reader interest even when not much is happening.

    Toward the final third of the novel, the story seems to meander a bit, as if Macdonald wasn't sure where to take it. The plot line recovers however, with an exciting chase scene to bring things to closure. Fans of this fine series will definitely enjoy DIE ONCE.

    Three Stars

    Reviewed 8/28/03

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