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    Review of DEADLY ECHO by Christine Green (see her website)


    Severn House, 2002

    It looked like a load of rags and Private Investigator Kate Kinsella tried to pull her dog away from it--but then it moved. The rags turned out to be a young woman, recently pregnant, and close to suicide. Kate drags her back to her apartment but Megan appears nearly frozen with fear. Surely her story of date rape, a kidnapped child, and drugs is the crazed imagination of a woman with no life but her television. Except Kate hears the very real death threats over Megan's phone.

    Against her will, Kate is dragged into an investigation of a crime that might not have happened. If it did happen, the criminal is a senior London police officer--someone who appears beyond Kate's reach. Kate's client is easily confused, never made a report of the rape, and is the type that would be confused on the witness stand. And the threatening caller seems willing to do anything to stop Megan--and Kate.

    English author Christine Green has written a fascinating and compelling story. Kate Kinsella makes a wonderful character. She is just incompetent enough to be human, with a mother who would embarass anyone and a love life that wouldn't even fill a short story, but she is also plucky, brave, and a good sport (most of the time). As Kate lurches from danger to danger, hoping to find evidence before her suspect can find her, I found myself nearly holding my breath waiting to see what disaster would hapen next.

    DEADLY ECHO is a top-notch mystery with a fine private investigator lead character.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 5/18/03

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