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    Review of THE MEMOIRES OF CHRISTINA MORRIS by Stella Sole (see her website)

    Turn Key Press, 2002

    Christina Morris is blackmailed by the Germans into spying for them during the dark days of World War II. Discovered by the English, she is sentenced to death, but is able to write her memoires which form the bulk of this novel.

    THE MEMOIRES OF CHRISTINA MORRIS is translated from Spanish and some of the awkwardness in the novel may come from the translation rather than from the writing. I found the use of quotation marks for internal dialogue and occasionally clunky English to be distracting from a potentially very interesting story.

    Readers should feel free to skip the first hundred pages, turning directly to Christina Morris's memoires. Christina's problems with falling in love with inappropriate or unavailable men and loyalty to her family give the Germans a chance to blackmail her to spying for them. Unfortunately, Christina never considers going to the English, or simply daring them to carry out their threats which would do more harm to the German effort than to herself. This illogical element in Christina's life is completely consistent with the character and not a writing flaw, but it did serve to make her less sympathetic to me.

    Author Stella Sole's use of herself as a secondary character is amusing, especially the way that Christina perks up when she hears that Stella Sole is going to be working with her. Perhaps in the Spanish version, more of this tongue-in-cheek humor comes through.

    Two Stars

    Reviewed 5/05/03

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