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    Review of CELT AND PEPPER by Ralph McInerny


    St. Martin's Minotaur, December 2002

    Visiting professor Martin Kilmartin wasn't healthy, but there is still something strange about his death. With his romantic 'dying poet' airs, Kilmartin had settled on the most attractive graduate student at Notre Dame, offending established professors. And academic rivalries run deep in that university. Still, when evidence points to murder, the detective/professor and brothers Knight are surprised. Surely disagreements over Yeats couldn't result in murder.

    Fans of this series will enjoy author Ralph McInerny's (see more reviews of mysteries by McInerny) views into University of Notre Dame's present and its past. The brothers Knight make interesting and sympathetic characters as they mingle uneasily with the staff and faculty at the University. When a wealthy ex-student wants to express his appreciation of Notre Dame more financially, Professor Roger Knight is brought into the middle of campus politics--and into closer contact with the soon-to-be victim.

    McInerny's writing, his ability to dip into Notre Dame history and philosophy, and his wonderful descriptions of the petty politics that matters so much in any University form the strongest features of CELT AND PEPPER. Improved from earlier books in the series, the two female characters have some added dimension here. Few readers will be challenged by the identity of the killer, but that isn't really the point. Simply put, the book is a pleasant and fast read.

    Three Stars

    Reviewed 1/16/03

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