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    Review of THE BODY IN THE LIGHTHOUSE by Katherine Hall Page


    William Morrow, 2003

    Faith Fairchild arrives in Sampere Island, Maine only to find that the summer house is incomplete, that a Romeo and Juliet scenerio is being carried out in the town even as villagers rehearse the play, and that eco-terrorists are battling developers for the future of this once pristine, but now highly priced town. Faith involves herself with the play and suffers mixed feelings about the eco-terrorists. While she agrees that huge mansions mar the beauty of the island and also cut off beaches from the ordinary citizens, surely fires and destruction are not the way to achieve them. When she stumbles across a body near the abandoned lighthouse, though, things start looking serious. Although the death is certainly accidental--isn't it?

    Author Katherine Hall Page (see more reviews of novels by Page) immerses the reader in the details of Faith's life--her cooking, caring for her two children, and her joy in discovering paint chips at Home Depot. The story moves forward at an unhurried pace, as Faith uses her connections to the Island's grapevine to discover the secrets so many Islanders hide.

    THE BODY IN THE LIGHTHOUSE is a short quick read. It didn't grip me, and I found Faith to be not especially interesting as a character, but Page's writing is solid and her insights into a changing era on an island transitioning from fishing to resort.

    Two Stars

    Reviewed 9/30/03

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