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    Review of MURDER BY SUICIDE by Veronica Heley


    HarperCollins, 2002

    When the organist in Ellie Quicke's church starts getting threatening notes, Ellie wants to do something. Before she can get to the bottom of the problem, however, the organist commits suicide. Then the notes start to target Ellie. Someone knows her secrets, her fears, and seems to hate her with an aversion that goes beyond sanity. Ellie needs to find the answers before she, and her new cat, become the next victim.

    Ellie's investigations are hampered by a daughter who thinks that the world owes her something, multiple beaux who want to take the place of Ellie's recently departed husband, and an aging aunt who expects Ellie to drop everything and take care of her problems. Still, with the help of friends and a handyman who doesn't know much about gardening but wants to work, Ellie begins to chip away at the evidence.

    Author Veronica Heley writes a convincing cozy. Ellie Quicke is an engaging character with her size 18 frame and fear of cars and computers, but with honest good will toward others. Heley's England is a mostly charming place with its pots of tea and hard working waitresses, but it has its threatening side as well.

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    Three Stars

    Reviewed 8/23/02

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