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    THE MILE HIGH CLUB by Kinky Friedman (see the Kinky Friedman website)

    Simon & Schuster, 2000

    Kinky Friedman doesn't have much luck with women so when he's seated next to a knockout on a plane trip from Dallas to New York, he wonders whether his luck has changed, or if something terrible is going to happen. The woman vanishes after asking him to watch over her bag, and the adventure begins. Before long, Israeli secret agents, the U.S. State Department, and an assortment of middle-eastern terrorists are calling Kinky's twin red phones and stopping by his apartment.

    Fortunately Friedman has a small mob of friends who want to help him, as long as they get to inflict their own brands of torture on him. Mixed in with the terrorist threat, Friedman has to deal with a cat which has decided not to use its litter box, and a sometimes-girlfriend who may or may not be having sex with a Count. Even good friends can only help so much.

    THE MILE HIGH CLUB is pure entertainment. Although Friedman writes about terrorism, murder, and detatched fingers sent by messenger, he is just as concerned about the doings of his sometimes-girlfriend and his unfriendly cat. The girl from the plane returns to Friedman's life, but he's never quite certain whether she's looking for love, or for something a lot more sinister. Fundamentally, the novel is a look into the mind of a man who is trying to get through live, survive middle age, get some joy out of women, and survive. The writing veers from warm smile of recognition to outright knee-slap. While the women may exist as sex objects in Friedman's world view, they take a very different view of themselves and let him know where he stands so everyone is even. It's a romp that won't let you down.

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    Three Stars

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