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    Review of MEANWHILE BACK AT THE RANCH by Kinky Friedman (see the Kinky Friedman website)

    Simon & Schuster, 2002

    Private detective (and former musician) Kinky Friedman finds himself torn between a missing three-legged cat in Texas and a missing autistic child in New York. The cat comes first and Kinky heads down to Utopia, Texas for some good-ole-boy moments, but his duty calls him back to New York where his recurring pal Rambam demands to be made part of the case (Rambam also thinks he might have found his future bride--the sister of the missing child and an obvious suspect). Using visions, both his own and others', and some clever detecting Kinky strips away some of the confusion--but can either a three-legged cat or an autistic child survive for long on their own--either in the wilds of Texas or those of New York?

    Fans of the Kinky Friedman series (see more reviews of Kinky Friedman novels) will find a lot to enjoy in MEANWHILE BACK AT THE RANCH. Kinky's observations about life in general, his descriptions of the customs and people he meets, and his insights into human nature ring true. Kinky's strange similies will bring a smile to even the most jaded reader (maybe especially to the jaded reader). And Friedman goes out of his way to be an equal opportunity offender, slinging insults at all religions and ways of life.

    Kinky Friedman books are not for everyone but MEANWHILE BACK AT THE RANCH is one of the better ones.

    Three Stars

    Reviewed 11/07/02

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