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    MAKING A KILLING by Warren Dunford

    Alyson Books, November 2001

    Mitchell Draper has lost his job working for a children's television series and is looking at a career in the children's ghetto of scriptwriting. With a month before his next job starts, he decides to write the perfect blockbuster screenplay. The only problem is, he doesn't have a story. Visiting his friend Ramir's guru doesn't give him any ideas but it does unleash a strange vision. That vision eventually leads him to investigate a decades-old murder-suicide--or was it a double-murder.

    MAKING A KILLING explores the gay and artistic communities of Toronto, Canada. Mitchell is a great character, filled with angst about his future, yet concerned about his friends as well. The concept of a movie script driving the mystery forward works, motivating Mtchell to continue his investigation despite the increasing threats he faces.

    Talented author Warren Dunford combines a light, humorous touch with a real sense of the urban 30-something artistic community and enough mystery to keep the story interesting. While you may guess the killer's identity, the Dunford does a great job rolling out the clues and both foreshadowing and obscuring the full story behind the twin deaths. I found myself laughing and reading segments to my wife--something that doesn't happen enough.

    Highly Recommended

    Four Stars

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