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    Review of MAGGIE NEEDS AN ALIBI by Kasey Michaels (see her website)

    Kensington Books, July 2002

    Author Maggie Kelly has made it big--stepping up from historical romances to clever historical mysteries set in regency England, with a properly dashing regency hero and his bumbling side-kick. She's just finishing her latest when her inspiration becomes material and the Vicount Saint Just (her hero) and his sidekick suddenly appear--solid, real, and in New York.

    Once Maggie persuades herself that she's not completely crazy and that she really has created two characters, she tries to get on with her life--a life complicated by the classic alpha hero type who is a whole lot more enjoyable to read about than to have to live with. Unfortunately, her life includes publisher Kirk Toland who seems intent on getting back into her bed. When Kirk ends up dead and Maggie the primary suspect, it's time for some serious detecting. Maggie, Saint Just, and way-cute cop Steve Wendell manage to compete, cooperate, and get in each other's way as they try to get to the bottom of this mystery.

    Author Kasey Michaels delivers a funny and charming mystery. Maggie is damaged enough to be entirely sympathetic. Saint Just displays just the right balance of arrogance and bafflement at the 21st century. He's a fish out of water in modern New York who, nevertheless, manages to find his way. Minor characters, especially the cute forger Mare, add to the texture of this fine novel.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 11/01/02

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