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    THE LAST BLUE PLATE SPECIAL by Abigail Padgett

    Warner Books, March 2001

    What are the odds that two young San Diego female political leaders will die suddenly, within weeks of one another? Blue McCarron can't help probing for an answer and the answer she comes up with is that it is impossible. There has to be a connection--and the most likely connection is murder. Together with her lover, Roxanne Bouchie, Blue decides to investigate--and even gets the police to pay for help from the two psychologists.

    Two strands tie together the deaths--and point to more. Both women had recently seen the same doctor and both had received threats from someone calling himself the Sword of God. Determining exactly who this Sword of God might be is Blue's job, yet Blue is trained in social psychology. She can design a poll, but she doesn't have a clue what makes the individual human click. She certainly has no idea who is leaving Blue Willow dishes behind as obvious clues.

    Author Abigail Padgett has created a compelling mystery in THE LAST BLUE PLATE SPECIAL and a terrific character in Blue. Blue lives in an abandoned motel deep in the Southern California desert with only her dog and an occasional lover to keep her company, yet feels the need to bond to others, to trust and be trusted. Her relationship with Roxanne is realistic, interesting, and also moves the story along (as it is moved along by the story). Each of the story's red herrings is convincing in their own way although the killer's identity should not surprise many readers.

    Early on in the novel, there were a few moments where the story dragged and Blue may have had a few too many 'moments of walls dissolving.' Once the mystery started rolling, I wasn't able to put the book down.

    Four Stars

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