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    JACKPOT JUSTICE by Marilyn Wooley

    Thomas Dunne Books, St. Martin's Minotaur, 2000

    Cassandra Ringwald (Cassie) is hired to do a psychological examination of a young Native American man suspected of kidnapping. Homer Johnson didn't look like much to Cassie. For one thing, he's an American Indian spouting the language of skinheads and racists. Still, she doesn't think he would kidnap someone. Day's later, the stakes are raised. This time, Anerd Woods is dead and Homer is accused of murder.

    Cassie has problems of her own. Both Homer's lawyer and the cute cop next door have the hots for her and won't. She can't forgive herself for leaving her mother and sister when she ran from an abusive father. And the skinhead army seems intent on keeping her out of the way and making sure Homer is convicted--even if this means kidnapping Cassie.

    Wooley writes a tight thriller. Cassie's emotional bagage comes into high profile as victim Anerd Woods is shown to be an abuser and a skinhead leader himself. But if he was the leader, who killed him?

    Three Stars


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