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    IRISH EYES by Andrew M. Greeley

    Forge, Tom Doherty Associates, February 2000

    Dermot Coyne is happy with his wife and their new baby. Even an ill-tempered music critic who has it in for his wife Nuala Anne McGrail's singing can't spoil his mood. Nuala's sighting of a ship that was lost, under mysterious circumstances, a hundred years before changes that. Nuala is intent on solving the mystery, but first they need to learn what the mystery was.

    The two subplots of Nick Farmer, the music critic who will stop at nothing to ruin Nuala's career and the long-lost shipwreck continue throughout this novel, co-existing without ever really coming together in a unified whole. Of the two, the hundred year old Lake Michigan shipwreck is the most pressing and interesting, even when assassins attack Nuala and Dermot.

    Andrew M. Greeley (see more reviews of novels by this author) is an impressive writer with a convincing command of the mystery genre and of the Irish cadence and speech patterns. He presents Dermot and Nuala as the perfect couple, each intent on one another's joy while also having room for their families and for the Catholic faith that unites them. Brownie, the mystery-solving Bishop (see our review of THE BISHOP AND THE MISSING L TRAIN) plays a cameo role in this Chicago-set mystery.

    Greeley fans will enjoy this book and the continued growth of some of their favorite characters. Readers new to Greeley may want to consider some of his other novels for a more coherent mystery.

    One Star

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