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    HIT TIME by Yolanda Joe writing as Ardella Garland


    Simon & Schuster, 2002

    News reporter Georgia Burnett is on a routine assignment covering the annual December lake swim-but the assignment gets real interesting when the swimmers find a murdered body. Burnett vows to get the story and, with the help of her boyfriend Doug, track down the killer. What Burnett doesn't suspect is that her investigation will point a finger at a close friend and threaten her relationship with her twin sister.

    The television news business always demands the latest and Burnett is quick to track down the victim's identity and a number of potential suspects, but could she have been too quick? The victim made many enemies as he clawed and stole his way to the top of the Chicago music business. What happens when the truth and a story don't line up?

    Author Ardella Garland/Yolanda Joe (click here to read other reviews of novels by this author) writes convincingly of the television news, African American women, and the jazz business in Chicago. Burnett is an appealing character who tries to find a balance between her personal life and her job, but whose job often seems to take first place.

    Three Stars

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