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    HE WHO DIES by Wendi Lee (see her website)

    An Angela Matelli Mystery

    St. Martin's Minotaur, June 2000

    When Angela Matelli's brother didn't come to her mother's for Sunday dinner they both know that means he's in trouble. Albert has served as front man for the Mafia but was trying to go straight with the hottest toy idea since beanie babies. Now, he's missing. Angela has to use her private detective skills to find her own brother--before it's too late. She knows she's on the right track when someone leaves her brother's finger in her car, along with a note telling her to back off.

    Angela is a spunky retired marine who doesn't mind taking advantage of her sex appeal, facing down a Mafia Don, or picking a lock to break into a cellar. The one thing she won't do is back off. Her extended family gives her an emotional depth without providing much by way of practical support in the investigation. Worse, when the police investigate Albert's apartment, they find a body and can come up with exactly two suspects--Albert, and Angela.

    HE WHO DIES, by Wendi Lee (see other reviews of novels by this author) is fast-paced adventure with an exciting climax.

    Two Stars

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