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    THE HEAT OF LIES by Jonathan Stone

    St. Martin's Minotaur, January 2001

    Julian Palmer has never recovered from her father's murder--the death that pushed her to become a police detective in the first place. When a father is killed leaving two daughters behind, she feels all of her old feelings coming back to life, to the extent that she cannot trust her judgement. She has to find out who was behind the crime even if it means opening another door to her past--a former mentor and cop turned bad.

    Winston Edwards managed to avoid a murder conviction but he was hounded from the police department based on Julian's evidence. Now he is back in her life. His insights into the murders open new avenues for investigation but he is clearly pursuing an agenda of his own. Could he be setting Julian up?

    In THE HEAT OF LIES, Jonathan Stone has created a taut thriller. The tension between Julian and Edwards sizzles as each tries to use the other. The parallel murder investigations and the gradual unpeeling of multiple layers of deception and lies make a fascinating read. The only weakness in this fine novel comes from the questionable motivations behind the acts. Would Julian really call in a man whose life she has destroyed and whom she fears may kill her? What is Edwards up to and why does he bother investing so heavily in Julian's case? The answers Stone provides leave me unsatisfied.

    Three Stars

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