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    FALL OF A COSMONAUT by Stuart M. Kaminsky


    Mysterious Press, September 2000

    Something happened on Russian space station MIR and now the cosmonauts involved are vanishing. At the same time, the only film negatives for a movie on Tolstoy's life are being held for ransom and a psychic research scientist has been murdered. Moscow Inspector Porfiry Rostnikov, together with his understaffed team, have to solve all of these crimes while walking the landmines of contemporary Russian politics.

    The three crimes, connected perhaps thematically but certainly not in any other way, represent a 'slice of life' for Rostnikov and his team. Like any police force, Rostnikov's team is torn between too many crimes and not enough resources to pursue any. His boss is more interested in gaining political coinage than in actually solving crimes and protects Rostnikov only to the extent that this does not interfere with his ambitions. Of course, each of Rostnikov's team wrestles with their private demons. One has been deserted by his wife, two are in love but know they cannot marry and keep their jobs. Another finds himself suffering from psychic powers as he investigates the psychic's murder.

    Somehow, author Stuart Kaminsky (see more reviews of novels by Kaminsky) is able to keep this collage together. Through hard work, occasional insight, and being underestimated by their opponents, Rostnikov is able to find who is behind each of the crimes--but being able to pursue the actual criminals and even staying alive in the face of powerful and official opposition are the real challenge.

    Some readers may find FALL OF A COSMONAUT initially confusing as unfamiliar Russian names, free substitution of first and last names, and multiple plots intertwine. The novel, however, is worth the challenge. Kaminsky's depiction of Russian life is compelling. Rostnikov is a wonderful wounded hero.

    Four Stars

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