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    Review of THE EDGE OF DOOM by Amanda Cross


    Ballantine Books, November 2002

    Literature Professor Kate Fansler thinks that, at 50, she knows everything she needs to know about her family. When her brother calls and tells her that a man claims to be her father and can prove it by a DNA test, Kate's world is turned on its head. Jay Smith may be Kate's father, but he clearly holds several more secrets close to his heart. His background seems to have holes in it--and his stories are a little too convenient and self-serving for Kate's peace of mind.

    Author Amanda Cross (Carolyn G. Heilbrun) writes with an approachable style that keeps the pages turning. I found myself, however, more and more unsympathetic toward Kate. Her attitude toward her family--disinterest and contempt, might be appropriate and justified, but this wasn't clear from the book. Kate's reaction toward her late life discovery that she might not be the person she always thought she was seems mediated by literature rather than honestly felt (okay, Kate is a Literature Professor so this is not totally out of line, but still, I never really felt the emotional impact of such an important event).

    Two Stars

    Reviewed 11/19/02

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