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    Avon Twilight, 2000

    Leo Waterman is a perpetual adolescent private eye with two problems: a longtime girlfriend Rebecca, who wants him to become normal; and a dead friend who will never want anything again. Waterman pokes around a little and nearly gets both himself and Rebecca killed when two lumber trucks smash his Ford Explorer from either side. All of a sudden, it is very personal and Leo intends to find out what is going on in a lumbered out town in the Pacific Northwest.

    G. M. Ford (see more reviews of novels by Ford) writes a tight story that will keep you turning the pages. Waterman finds himself in escalating danger from a gang of neighborhood hoodlums, to crooked cops, to some attractive women who think they may just have the answer to Waterman's problems. A classic detective hero, Waterman does what he knows to be right, even if it means walking on the shady side of the law. Ford's evokes an occasional chuckle with clever dialog and description, but he uses the humor to give the reader a little slack--and then pulls him (or her) back in.

    Four Stars

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