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    DEAD AND BURIED by Howard Engel


    The Overlook Press, 1990/2001

    Private Investigator Benny Cooperman makes his living tracking divorcing couples and makes a point not to get involved in anything criminal, or anything political. When a widow tries to hire him to investigate her husband's accidental killing, Cooperman's instincts warn him to run. Still, his curiosity gets going and it gets the better of his judgement.

    What Cooperman finds is a long way from an accident. A major Canadian company is involved in environmental destruction, dumping dangerous wastes in the lake, or burying it without proper protection. Somebody has killed to keep this a secret--and they'll kill again if they're pushed. Yet Cooperman can't stop pushing.

    Perhaps more interesting than the environmental issues, Cooperman finds himself investigating a vast disfunctional family. Three generations are involved in running the polluting company. Exactly how far up does knowledge about the pollution go? And who knows about the murders and is calling the shots?

    Author Howard Engel's dry style, observations of the human condition, and rich set of characters overcome the limitations of a predictable plot to create an enjoyable novel.

    Three Stars

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