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    A Forge Book, Tom Doherty Associates, July 2000

    The Pope has assigned auxiliary Bishop Gus Quill (nicknamed Idiot) to assist Archbishop Cronin in Chicago--much to the distress of the Archbishop and of auxiliary Bishop Blackie Ryan (Blackie). Although this distress is soon shared by thousands of parishioners, neither the Archbishop nor Blackie expect him to be kidnapped, along with an entire train.

    Bishop Quill has made a number of enemies including his fellow Bishops, the church leadership in Rome, and laiety back in Chicago. By systematically overturning every marriage annulment sent to him while in Rome, Quill earned the emnity of dozens of Chicago Catholics. Still, would any of them go to the extreme of kidnapping him and an entire train? The Archbishop sets Blackie to find out--and to find the missing Bishop.

    Andrew M. Greeley (see more reviews of novels by this author) writes a compelling psychological mystery. Quill's actions reverberate through Chicago's Catholic community. Even though only the truly saintly mourn Quill's disappearance, the chain of events threatens the happiness of many. Greeley gives the reader an inside scoop on the workings of the Catholic Church (Greeley is a Catholic Priest) in America--including its petty infighting and its work to truly help those damaged by the world. Even if Blackie is able to solve the mystery, will he be able to patch the damage this evil act--even if intended for good--has done?

    Four Stars

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